Fair Use Policy
Fair Use is a legally permissible use of copyrighted material for specific purposes. Our site is dedicated to the improvement of your educational experience, but the services that we provide are not intended to replace your own studies. Our services are merely an aid to the discovery and use of your own talents and ideas.

It is a malpractice and shall not attempt. The custom model answers
of essays, dissertations and assignments we provide are not intended to submit as your own work, you must provide it on basis of your own further idea , research and build up knowledge on it to make it your own which is absolutely original.
We are very passionate and respective about education and we want you to get the most from your university education. Use our model answers to have greater understanding about the subject in detail and also significantly aid your revision for examinations. Condoning plagiarism of the original model answer we provide
would do a disservice to you, as it’s against the plagiarism guidelines. Also it may prevent you from acquiring the right knowledge you need in the larger respect.

How to Use Your Model Answers:
Our model answer service gives students an example of how a specific question can be answered. It may not be the only way of writing but it will guide you develop thoughts to
create your own. Indeed, you may form an entirely different answer that of the researcher, but the model answer will provide you with a strong starting point from which you can start own research and write on your own. By following the below steps you can easily form your answer:

  • Go through the entire model answer to understand the whole pattern of answering questions fully.
  • Read the each line and paragraph very carefully to have a subtle understanding and make your short notes to further study.
  • With the help of your notes develop your own idea, argument and reasons.
  • Find the sources the researcher has used in model answer and get more relevant material to create your own.
  • Now the most important part comes – go through the whole answer twice and ensure there is no sign of plagiarism in your answer.
  • It’s now ready to be submitted to your respective study center

At times it may be tempting to submit the work as your own, but we do not endorse this
and is against our terms and conditions. Our model answers should be seen as your
helping hand which will make your writings better along with the subject knowledge and
improve your submissions in future.

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