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Employment Law generally refers to labour law. Labour law deals with the legal rights of the workers and the organization where they are working. This law includes law of minimum wages, child labours,
health and safety of the employees, termination of employees, leave policies and so on. With the growing popularity of this subject students of law are becoming keen on studying this subject. Students are willing to become the HR of the company. Hence, they are pursuing employment law as major. Now days there are various job opportunities in this particular subject. Hence, this subject has become so popular.

Employment Law is a subject that mainly deals with practical scenarios. But during your courses you cannot
apply your expertise in real world. Hence, colleges and universities are providing assignments to the
students. Most of the assignments are based on case studies. Case studies are basically open ended
situation. Where you have to apply your knowledge and what will be your action on that particular

But now-a-days students are lagging behind the curriculum. They are not getting enough time to do self-study. There
are too many subjects, too many assignments and you have to submit all those in a very short span of
time. And then you get confused and puzzled.

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