Supposedly, coursework for all the academe subjects is equally difficult. Being an MBA pass out, I can recall how hard it was for me to strive those days of hardships. So, today, thought of giving a few suggestions to all those, who are stuck out there.

Tips of the times: how to complete coursework successfully?

  • Chalk out a plan for your coursework – when to start, how many paragraphs to be written in a day, the maximum number of days to be dedicated on this, etc. Try to abide by that routine.
  • Outline your coursework assignment – total word count of the paper, main title, numbers and lengths of paragraphs, headings, subheadings, the chronicle of facts and evidence.
  • Start with the main discussion that we call “body” in academic-language. Once it is complete, compose the introduction, followed by the conclusion and rest.
  • Never submit without proofreading your coursework paper. Check for references, spell-errors, grammar-issues, syntax, language, and more.

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